In an effort to connect ArsFactus  with resources both inside and outside the region, the Collective will be working with Carolina Musalem, Executive director of Factoría de Arte Santa Rosa, and Ismael Frigerio, Factoria de Arte Santa Rosa  Artistic Residency  Director,  in a 2015 Chilean residency program with interdisciplinary focuses and facilities.

According to Mr. Frigerio,  it is important to offer Factoria de Arte Santa Rosa Fellows as a  group of residencies that are all very different; All  programs accommodate artists practicing in several disciplines, since they  represent a diverse group of creative communities reflecting the wide variety of artists that the Chilean art factory support.

The invaluable time to work diligently in new spaces and to network with artists from other areas has the potential to impact the trajectory of an artist´s career and his community, opening up possibilities for creative discoveries and the development of new ideas.

More about Factoria de Arte Santa Rosa:


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